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The Ethics of Witness Preparation

The Ethics of Witness Preparation is a State Bar of Texas approved 1 hour Continuing Legal Education (CLE) that includes animations, multimedia, interviews and practical client exercises. Download a flyer below or contact me for more information.


What are the ethical boundaries when preparing your clients to testify? While there is a red line distinction between acceptable preparation and subordination of perjury, the middle ground remains murky. This presentation contrasts ethical preparation with the type of coaching which disregards disciplinary rules and ethical practice.


  • Origins of Witness Preparation or Woodshedding
  • The Law: Texas Disciplinary Rules & ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
  • What Witness Preparation Is & Isn’t
  • Ethically Permissible Witness Preparation – What You Can Do
  • Ethically Impermissible Preparation – What You Can’t
  • Competency: Core Skills to Ethically Represent a Client


For participating in our CLE, you’ll be provided with five of Rick’s most important Witness Preparation techniques. These step-by-step methods can be put to immediate use and will dramatically improve the quality of your clients performance and credibility.


adele_small Honorable Adele Hedges
Chief Justice for the 14th District Court of AppealsJustice Hedges has been on the Court of Appeals for 21 years, prior to which she was a private practice attorney specializing in commercial litigation and appellate work.
rick_small Rick M. Goldberg
Psychologist & Founder of Rick M. Goldberg and AssociatesFor over 25 years, Rick has been transforming challenging clients into great witnesses. His process converts client shortcomings into noticeable advantages.

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